sea monsters

drake1 (kopia)

Did you know that a sea snake can reach a size of 200 feet long and 20 feet thick? That
it sets out of its caves during bright summer nights to eat calves, lambs and pigs or that it carries on over the seas in order to gobble up polyps, spiny lobsters and different kinds of crustaceans? That it molests ships and devour humans?
This much smaller specimen, made out of silver, titanium and with eyes of turmalines, is only 150 cm long. It can be worn as a boa around the neck with the tail hanging down on the back.

IMGsprutare2 (kopia)


Even bigger is the squirter or the snorter. It is 200 ells long and is exceedingly cruel in its nature. In order to destroy seafarers it rises up high above the ships and spout the water it has drawn into its sucction-channels in such quantities that even the most tremendous ship would be pressed down under the water surface.
At other times it is satisfied simply using its tail or back to make the ships turn over.


brosch, silver och turmalin



It was very long ago when seafares told us their frightful stories about the beasts they had met out at sea. This was a way of storytelling where some where added and some subtracted. Sea-beasts on old marine charts, strange creatures in medieval bestiaries, they tell us something about our selves and our psyches. What we fear. What we wish. Man works in the same way today, when we confront things we don´t understand we tend to fill in. We create a more comprehensible picture of something that is unknown to us.

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