survival of the fittest

Isopoda – gråsugga – wood-louse  brooches

They creeped around on the earths surface when cole and oil was formed. They saw the huge continent Pangea being formed and drawn apart. This planet has been their home for 350 million years. Their future is predicted to be successful and bright.
How about yours?

The winner takes it all

There are about 10 000 species described. Most of them are 5-15 mm but the largest ones can be up to 45 cm long and weigh 1,7 kg.  A majority are marine and live on all types of sea bottom coats. A sea living wood-louse eats algae, but they can also be beasts of prey or live on carcass. Land-living wood-lice nourish on dead vegetable-material. But what my little friends in my studio nourish on, I have not been able to find out yet.