from a worm´s-eye view

Jewellery is a large subject in a small object. When one takes an interest in the life of bugs and other small forms of life a statement as such gets even broader and deeper. Most species on earth are insects. They have been here for very long and they are the most specialized living creatures on earth.

.  w pälssvärmare (kopia).

a tre svärmare (kopia) Sphingidae – svärmare – sphinx-moth


     w dödgrävare

Nicrophorus – Dödgrävare – Gravedigger
A sanitation worker in nature. The gravedigger feels the smell of a dead animal at a very long distance. It immediately flies to the body and starts digging it down. After that it lays its eggs. When the grubs then are being hatched they are surrounded of their favorite food.
Memento mori – remember that you will die.


w bärfisar

Pentatomidae – Bärfis – Berry-louse

tornbagge    Mordellistena transtromeriana – Tranströmers tornbagge
Tomas Tranströmer used to be an entomologist in his i youth . This recently discovered beetle was named to honour the poet on his 80-birthday. This is a tie-jewellery suitable for a lover of poetry.


a kulbaggar kopia  Byrrhidae – Kulbagge


 dykare Dytiscidae – Dykare
male and female

.tordyvlar örhängen

 Geotrupidae – Tordyvel – Dor-beetle

.ekoxe med stjärnrubin

 Dorcusparallelipipedus – Bokoxe/ Liten ekoxe – Stag-beetle

.öronbaggar öronhängen

 Dryopidae – Öronbagge

.w grodorfrogs

.w groda

 Plantago major – Grodblad

.w snigel

Svarta vinbär – Ribes nigrum

.w kärs och halllon

Kirskål / Kers – Aegopodium podagraria, Hallon – Rubus idaeus