Darwin and IDarwin and I

Humans will never understand the meaning of life. But we will continue to wonder and build theories until our last breath is taken. We are the only species able to reflect upon our own existence, our acts and its consequences.
My jewellery are such reflections. Homo Sapiens origin and future, the difficulties in using intelligence and knowledge in order to find solutions  to climate threat, overpopulation and religious conflicts. I dig into our madness and intellectual powers.


Mother and child (kopia)              Mother and child – brooch


Just kids (kopia)Just kids – ring

.contemplation 021 kopia 2

Evolution – brooch


olja & kol

Oil and coal – brooches



Oil finding – brooch


Refugees wRefugees – necklacew Refugees


In Anger (kopia)

Furious – necklace


Business sense

Business sense – cuff-links


Baboon cameon

Baboon cameos – ear-drops